Quality Check-List

For decades the broad spectrum antibiotic quality of Colloidal Silver and the increased absorption factors over mainstream mineral supplements have rested in the hands of companies with REAL colloidal science production, testing equipment and protocols for superior quality colloids. Zulgtal Labs (Supplier for Silver Mountain Minerals™ US marketing contracts) commitment to superior products and market base education in the US is providing increasingly better support of the following colloidal products analysis tests.

Standardized tests are the best way to ultimately enable consumers to differentiate poorly regulated predominantly poor grade colloids that “sour the market” from products that deliver concentrated ULTRA-COLLOIDAL PROPERTIES.


I. Ionically concentrated solutions (generally clear) are more valuable where the element is not significantly retained by the body such as silver.  Essential Body Elements more retained are more usable in higher colloidal particle proportion (generally colored)

II. Only purchase a colloidal product stating on the label as containing particle size averages in the lower angstrom (10 billionth of a meter) range

III. Only purchase a colloidal product stating on the label as being non photo sensitive. Visible signs of photo sensitivity appear easily in inferior colloidal products when agglomeration occurs. The larger particulate solutions with poor zeta potential fall out of solution and are found as a residue at the bottom of the bottle. Agglomeration may be caused by many factors which collectively represent the most important issues for the consumer to look for.

IV. COLOR and TASTE if noticeable and dark with blue or brown hues for silver products are usually indicators of large particle agglomeration, if light and more yellow color yet still plainly visible indicates a smaller particle mid range product. Visibly clear but not actually optically clear indicates either highly dilute, highly ionic or in rare cases those “tiny to invisible” highly desired angstrom size particles, the mark of an excellent colloid. Tasting the product for that “slight pucker” yet distinguished metallic taste is necessary to eliminate the clear but dilute product. A sour, non metallic taste eliminates the heavily ionic product. The only known exceptions are a few products advertised as ionic but are actually neither, and the cheapest selection because they are likely “acid leached” these have a quite nasty taste because they will still contain residues of that process.

V. Only purchase a colloidal product stating on the label as having no residues fillers, binders, buffers, stabilizers or other added agents. Only pure distilled water and the high purity element alone is acceptable. Although bad press regarding Argyria has diminished the accessibility of cheap colloidal silver makers, peddlers from these sources often use salt or other known electrolyte chemicals to seed the solution to make it conductive to begin the electrically driven deposition. These additives like the above also cause a foreign taste.

VI. Only purchase a colloidal product stating on the label concentrations not exceeding 50 PPM unless specifically stated as PPM calibrated conductivity relating to Ionic mineral concentration.   Extremely high numerical figures are invariably highly ionic products containing few colloidal particles.  Zulgtal Labs has produced Ionic Silver samples exceeding 9000 as a  conductivity measurement uS/cm  but contained less than 1 PPM total silver per liter. Only ignorance would represent this 9000 figure as a PPM concentration for pure colloids only measured in mg/L,  yet a large number of companies do so.

VII. Only purchase a colloidal product stating the address and source of a reputable lab with access to standard testing for primary colloidal characteristics.

VIII. If several colloidal elements are included in the same bottle, seriously consider the way they are proportioned as their extreme differing body requirements coupled with the higher absorption factors pose some significant considerations which are further explained on the BODY ELEMENTS PROPORTIONING CHART. Expensive colloids and fancy labels do not make a quality product, LOOK FOR SECONDARY SIGNATURES OR SEALS OF INDEPENDENT TESTING, such as the laser test. Knowledge and facts will better maximize the purchasing power of your dollar.

NOTE:  For further info on product quality selection see
“Colloidal Vs Ionic debate”

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