Colloidal Vs Ionic – Mineral Debate Summary:

All electro-colloidal processes produce both particles “Colloids” and “Ions” in the same solution.

“Colloids” are groups of atoms in suspension.   “Ions” are single atoms in suspension  having  opposite charges. Zulgtal Labs is one of a very few in the world with the technical proprietary process that enable them to precisely control the Ionic to Colloidal particle ratio.
If  the primary question apposing parties debate is “Which is more bio-available or effective?”  Ionic or Colloidal minerals?   THEN:   Regardless of the choice you finally make Zulgtal Labs make two products.  One, a 50 PPM Colloidal maximum concentration, and the other a 240 PPM medium concentration colloid + High  Ionic concentration.
NOTE: Any product claiming a PPM concentration of pure Colloidal particles (No additives, proteins, salts, etc) exceeding 55 PPM in a  mg\L measurement is a FAIRY TALE. The PPM calibrated TDS conductivity measurements for Ionic concentrations may exceed 500 PPM but exhibit little gained benefit exceeding 250 PPM and would begin to have unnatural negative influences on the body over 1000PPM

consider the following:

A. Higher Colloidal Ratio products seem to have more “Staying power”
B. Higher Ionic Ratio products seem to be faster acting.
C. Both products if taken internally are significantly pre-absorption enhanced if “swished   in the mouth”  for a few moments.
D. Ionic products have little agglomeration problems (Sediment) and are usually not light   sensitive, a good way to identify a poor colloid having sediment on the bottom.
E. Concentration in a colloid will have a strong silver taste which is less taste identifiable in an Ionic concentrate.

The secondary question being asked is “Which properties of Ionic mineral solutions or Colloidal Mineral solutions are the most desirable? For this reason we have devoted significant  analysis and research which is presented on this site under the heading title: “Quality Check List”

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