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Zulgtal Labs Product Quality Testing

A. Concentration (calibrated in parts per million) Tests are done for both ion concentration and suspended particle concentration Some form of spectra graphic analysis is a good way to determine concentration of trace metals particulates in suspension. Ionic silver content in silver colloids can be adequately determined by initial Conductivity testing and ultimately weighing the silver content after evaporating out […]

Quality Check-List

For decades the broad spectrum antibiotic quality of Colloidal Silver and the increased absorption factors over mainstream mineral supplements have rested in the hands of companies with REAL colloidal science production, testing equipment and protocols for superior quality colloids. Zulgtal Labs (Supplier for Silver Mountain Minerals™ US marketing contracts) commitment to superior products and market […]

Colloidal Vs Ionic – Mineral Debate Summary:

All electro-colloidal processes produce both particles “Colloids” and “Ions” in the same solution. “Colloids” are groups of atoms in suspension.   “Ions” are single atoms in suspension  having  opposite charges. Zulgtal Labs is one of a very few in the world with the technical proprietary process that enable them to precisely control the Ionic to Colloidal […]