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Why Silver Mountain Minerals

1. Zulgtal Labs (Switzerland) decades of development of Superior Qualities, Home of the Ultra Colloid for increased absorption factors over mainstream mineral supplements which have rested in the hands of companies with REAL colloidal science production, testing equipment and protocols for quality control. Zulgtal Labs (Supplier for Silver Mountain Minerals™ US marketing contracts) Is committed to superior products and market base education in the US is providing increasingly better support of the following colloidal products analysis tests. Standardized tests are the best way to ultimately enable consumers to differentiate poorly regulated predominantly poor grade colloids that “sour the market” from products that deliver concentrated ULTRA-COLLOIDAL PROPERTIES.

2. Known history for Competitive pricing

3. Long history of excellent service, product guarantees, and the “customer comes first” rule.

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A. Concentration (calibrated in parts per million) Tests are done for both ion concentration and suspended particle concentration Some form of spectra graphic analysis is a good way to determine concentration of trace metals particulates in suspension. Ionic silver content in silver colloids can be adequately determined by initial Conductivity testing and ultimately weighing the silver content after evaporating out the water

B. Average particle size

Any colloid worth its salt for bio-availability must maintain particulate sizes  in the single or perhaps double digit NANOMETER (billionth of a meter) range.  Zulgtal Labs requires scattered laser light intensity measurements from suspended  particles which can be measured within a  nanometers of a single Silver atom. (2.88 angstroms or .288 nanometers)

C. Total Additive particulates total surface area(the most significant measurement) can then be determined by multiplying the average particle size/area by the particle count per volume of water they are suspended in.   These measurements tell us that a given weight of silver broken into smaller and smaller particles, increases the total surface area with which to expose to a pathogen as in the case of silver or enable active transport in absorption and subsequent biological reactivity on a cellular level.  The strength of taste or “taste que” of any colloid is dependant on the total surface area exposed to the tongue.  This fact “Taste Que Strength” IS YOUR BEST EVIDENCE OF A SUFFICIENTLY CONCENTRATED PRODUCT.  You can’t easily fool the tongue, if the tongue says no taste, the total particulate count surface area is weak, the most common colloidal plague.  Would you continue buying  orange juice that was to weak to taste?
If you properly understood what was just stated then the various confusing types of colloidal concentration measurements typically found on the bottle such as PPM measurements, with are actually a calibrated TDS meter  Conductivity in uS/cm  or number, or PPM measurements based on the number of  mg/liter, The stated concentration measurement means or promotion will be of little consequence if your tongue says “its there” or it says “not there”.  This fact can be of considerable consequence because the most prominent colloidal producers products are “terribly tasteless”.

D. Agglomeration The next issue of magnitude in significance among colloidal products is “AGGLOMERATION“. which would not likely occur among weakly concentrated products because typically as you place heavier and heavier concentrations of colloidal particles in suspension, they begin sticking together, becoming heavier and finally falling out of solution found as a dark “agglomeration cloud”, at the bottom of your bottle, the most obvious and second “Curse of Colloids”.   Zulgtal labs colloidal technology enables a process that places an extreme repulsive charge “Zeta Potential”on each particulate, disabling, in fact reversing their tendency to “Agglomerate” as concentration increases. You get a strong “Taste Que”in a Zulgtal Labs products because their repulsive charge process grants stronger concentration without agglomeration.

Other colloidal solution tests

For Silver solution colloids, since silver is photosensitive, light causes agglomeration. This problem is solved in three ways.

1.  Dark bottles
2. Long term storage out of direct sunlight.
3. Photo desensitization process. (proprietary non additive process involving the silver ion cloud).

E. Shelf Life The above attention to detail and quality control constitutes primary influence upon the third consumer recognizable issue of SHELF LIFE. If the above issues are properly managed and the bottle contents are closed and not contaminated by the user, then shelf life for any “Pure Colloid” should be in terms of years not months

Further colloidal characteristics Measurements such as Turbidity, pH, and magnetic fields though somewhat significant to a lab technician in controlling his processes are not worth covering in this text.

Although Zulgtal Labs recognizes that no layman possesses the Lab test facilities necessary for ultimate determination of the above diverse technical colloidal characteristics the above summary list enables the consumer a visibly detectable criteria that will suffice to eliminate most other products from the running.

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Quality Check-List

For decades the broad spectrum antibiotic quality of Colloidal Silver and the increased absorption factors over mainstream mineral supplements have rested in the hands of companies with REAL colloidal science production, testing equipment and protocols for superior quality colloids. Zulgtal Labs (Supplier for Silver Mountain Minerals™ US marketing contracts) commitment to superior products and market base education in the US is providing increasingly better support of the following colloidal products analysis tests.

Standardized tests are the best way to ultimately enable consumers to differentiate poorly regulated predominantly poor grade colloids that “sour the market” from products that deliver concentrated ULTRA-COLLOIDAL PROPERTIES.


I. Ionically concentrated solutions (generally clear) are more valuable where the element is not significantly retained by the body such as silver.  Essential Body Elements more retained are more usable in higher colloidal particle proportion (generally colored)

II. Only purchase a colloidal product stating on the label as containing particle size averages in the lower angstrom (10 billionth of a meter) range

III. Only purchase a colloidal product stating on the label as being non photo sensitive. Visible signs of photo sensitivity appear easily in inferior colloidal products when agglomeration occurs. The larger particulate solutions with poor zeta potential fall out of solution and are found as a residue at the bottom of the bottle. Agglomeration may be caused by many factors which collectively represent the most important issues for the consumer to look for.

IV. COLOR and TASTE if noticeable and dark with blue or brown hues for silver products are usually indicators of large particle agglomeration, if light and more yellow color yet still plainly visible indicates a smaller particle mid range product. Visibly clear but not actually optically clear indicates either highly dilute, highly ionic or in rare cases those “tiny to invisible” highly desired angstrom size particles, the mark of an excellent colloid. Tasting the product for that “slight pucker” yet distinguished metallic taste is necessary to eliminate the clear but dilute product. A sour, non metallic taste eliminates the heavily ionic product. The only known exceptions are a few products advertised as ionic but are actually neither, and the cheapest selection because they are likely “acid leached” these have a quite nasty taste because they will still contain residues of that process.

V. Only purchase a colloidal product stating on the label as having no residues fillers, binders, buffers, stabilizers or other added agents. Only pure distilled water and the high purity element alone is acceptable. Although bad press regarding Argyria has diminished the accessibility of cheap colloidal silver makers, peddlers from these sources often use salt or other known electrolyte chemicals to seed the solution to make it conductive to begin the electrically driven deposition. These additives like the above also cause a foreign taste.

VI. Only purchase a colloidal product stating on the label concentrations not exceeding 50 PPM unless specifically stated as PPM calibrated conductivity relating to Ionic mineral concentration.   Extremely high numerical figures are invariably highly ionic products containing few colloidal particles.  Zulgtal Labs has produced Ionic Silver samples exceeding 9000 as a  conductivity measurement uS/cm  but contained less than 1 PPM total silver per liter. Only ignorance would represent this 9000 figure as a PPM concentration for pure colloids only measured in mg/L,  yet a large number of companies do so.

VII. Only purchase a colloidal product stating the address and source of a reputable lab with access to standard testing for primary colloidal characteristics.

VIII. If several colloidal elements are included in the same bottle, seriously consider the way they are proportioned as their extreme differing body requirements coupled with the higher absorption factors pose some significant considerations which are further explained on the BODY ELEMENTS PROPORTIONING CHART. Expensive colloids and fancy labels do not make a quality product, LOOK FOR SECONDARY SIGNATURES OR SEALS OF INDEPENDENT TESTING, such as the laser test. Knowledge and facts will better maximize the purchasing power of your dollar.

NOTE:  For further info on product quality selection see
“Colloidal Vs Ionic debate”

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About us

Silver Mountain Minerals, located in West Jordan, Utah acquired the marketing rights for Zulgtal Labs (Switzerland ) Colloidal Minerals Technology in the State of Utah in May 2002.
Silver Mountain Minerals
™ had conducted Colloidal mineral research since 1996 and had determined that the “pure” colloids (no salt, protein or other additives) were going to be the only products  they would provide   In their search for technological excellence Silver Mountain Minerals™ previous engineering staff determined Zulgtal Labs extensive experience and proprietary methods and processes for Colloidal Minerals were significantly superior.  As a result of Zulgtal imported products our remaining lab tech staff now act as product consultants and marketing staff.

Since 2002 we have imported  the same Zulgtal Labs original natural products for 12 other pure elements namely: Sulfur, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Tin, Vanadium, Chromium, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  Each of these “essential non soluble trace minerals” most commonly deplete in the human dietary patterns exist naturally in  a mountain spring in “colloidal” form( particulates in suspension).  Each of the Silver Mountain Minerals™ products involve only the purest additive free process to produce a 100% pure Spring water quality colloid.

Silver Mountain Minerals has a record of dedication to its customers for quality and service and goes the extra mile in their guarantees in all of their  products.
We sincerely hope that you enjoy our website and products and provide the following line  convenience for your questions or
market inquiries:    801-604-4128

Contact Us

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Colloidal Vs Ionic – Mineral Debate Summary:

All electro-colloidal processes produce both particles “Colloids” and “Ions” in the same solution.

“Colloids” are groups of atoms in suspension.   “Ions” are single atoms in suspension  having  opposite charges. Zulgtal Labs is one of a very few in the world with the technical proprietary process that enable them to precisely control the Ionic to Colloidal particle ratio.
If  the primary question apposing parties debate is “Which is more bio-available or effective?”  Ionic or Colloidal minerals?   THEN:   Regardless of the choice you finally make Zulgtal Labs make two products.  One, a 50 PPM Colloidal maximum concentration, and the other a 240 PPM medium concentration colloid + High  Ionic concentration.
NOTE: Any product claiming a PPM concentration of pure Colloidal particles (No additives, proteins, salts, etc) exceeding 55 PPM in a  mg\L measurement is a FAIRY TALE. The PPM calibrated TDS conductivity measurements for Ionic concentrations may exceed 500 PPM but exhibit little gained benefit exceeding 250 PPM and would begin to have unnatural negative influences on the body over 1000PPM

consider the following:

A. Higher Colloidal Ratio products seem to have more “Staying power”
B. Higher Ionic Ratio products seem to be faster acting.
C. Both products if taken internally are significantly pre-absorption enhanced if “swished   in the mouth”  for a few moments.
D. Ionic products have little agglomeration problems (Sediment) and are usually not light   sensitive, a good way to identify a poor colloid having sediment on the bottom.
E. Concentration in a colloid will have a strong silver taste which is less taste identifiable in an Ionic concentrate.

The secondary question being asked is “Which properties of Ionic mineral solutions or Colloidal Mineral solutions are the most desirable? For this reason we have devoted significant  analysis and research which is presented on this site under the heading title: “Quality Check List”

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The Quickest Fix for Heart Disease Calcium Magnesium Zinc

According to Dr. Williams: “It isn’t bypass surgery or clean living”. Here’s how to cure angina in fourteen days for under $14…..Go to your Doctor with angina and he or she will bundle you off to the hospital for a $10 thousand dollar angiogram and a $50 thousand dollar bypass.

Go to a decent alternative physician, and he will fill a huge shopping bag with hawthorn tea, CoQ10, bromelain, magnesium, taurine, L-carnitine, garlic, omega-3 oils, and then he will urge you to eat more vegetables, and join a gym.

Fine advice, but are you doing it? Of course not. No wonder so many folks opt for the bypass! Well relax, because the quickest, easiest, and most amazing effortless cure for angina Dr Williams has ever investigated isn’t any of these things.

ZINC. I repeat, zinc. In way less time than it takes to recover from a bypass, zinc could lick the whole problem forever. Fourteen days, fourteen dollars worth of zinc, and you are done.

Before you laugh, why not give me a listen? Afterall, this cure couldn’t be safer or cheaper and it was developed by …..

A Medical legend. If you have ever relieved a cold with zinc lozenges, thank Dr. George Eby.
He did the original research on zinc and colds, and I have been in close contact with him for over fifteen years. Like many true breakthroughs, his angina cure was….

Discovered by accident. After one of Dr Eby’s many clinical trials for the cold lozenges, something weird happened. One of the patients demanded a lot more of what he had been taking. He didn’t care if it was a placebo or zinc…..he wanted more.

Turns out the man had, had angina for fifteen years, and yet after just five days of taking Dr Eby’s zinc formula, the angina vanished. Prior to this the poor fellow hadn’t even been helped by nitroglycerine.

Now this man’s angina was suddenly gone, his blood pressure was normal, his heart was in great shape…..

Coincidence, right? Wrong. Dr Eby launched a trial using this high zinc dosage for angina patients. In practically every case, it worked wonderfully.

Dr Eby then dug up earlier research. He found studies as far back as 1968, showing dramatic results for angina patients. He even looked up statistics on Polish miners, only to find out that they had a huge reduction in their incidence of angina.

Dr Williams checked it all out. He also cross-examined patients who tried it. They swear by it. Remarkably, too, it doesn’t just dilate the arteries, but actually seems to cleanse them.