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Silver Mountain Minerals, located in West Jordan, Utah acquired the marketing rights for Zulgtal Labs (Switzerland ) Colloidal Minerals Technology in the State of Utah in May 2002.
Silver Mountain Minerals
™ had conducted Colloidal mineral research since 1996 and had determined that the “pure” colloids (no salt, protein or other additives) were going to be the only products  they would provide   In their search for technological excellence Silver Mountain Minerals™ previous engineering staff determined Zulgtal Labs extensive experience and proprietary methods and processes for Colloidal Minerals were significantly superior.  As a result of Zulgtal imported products our remaining lab tech staff now act as product consultants and marketing staff.

Since 2002 we have imported  the same Zulgtal Labs original natural products for 12 other pure elements namely: Sulfur, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Tin, Vanadium, Chromium, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  Each of these “essential non soluble trace minerals” most commonly deplete in the human dietary patterns exist naturally in  a mountain spring in “colloidal” form( particulates in suspension).  Each of the Silver Mountain Minerals™ products involve only the purest additive free process to produce a 100% pure Spring water quality colloid.

Silver Mountain Minerals has a record of dedication to its customers for quality and service and goes the extra mile in their guarantees in all of their  products.
We sincerely hope that you enjoy our website and products and provide the following line  convenience for your questions or
market inquiries:    801-604-4128

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