About Us

Learn about our story and what makes us different.

SilverMTNminerals.com™ website of International Marketing Group  branch distribution management in  Hurricane, Utah, had  acquired the marketing rights from Zulgtal Labs (Switzerland ) Colloidal Minerals Technology for the U.S. West Coast  in association with Mineralcolloids.com branch in Baja California in 2001.

International Marketing Group supplement technicians  conducted Colloidal mineral research since 1996 and  had determined that the “pure” colloids (no salt, protein or other additives) were going to be the only products  they would provide.   In their search for technological excellence Silver Mountain Minerals product line   engineering staff worked directly with  Zulgtal Labs to gain extensive experience,  proprietary methods and processes for Colloidal Minerals that have proven to be significantly superior.

SilverMTNminerals.com  now import the same Zulgtal Labs original natural products for 12 + pure elements including:  Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Tin, Vanadium, Chromium, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  Each of these “essential non soluble trace minerals” most commonly deplete in the human dietary patterns exist naturally in  a mountain spring in “colloidal” form( particulates in suspension).  Each of the Silver Mountain Minerals™ products involve only the purest additive free process to produce a 100% pure Spring water quality colloid.

Silver Mountain Minerals™ has a record of dedication to its customers for quality and service and goes the extra mile in their guarantees in all of their  products.   We sincerely hope that you enjoy our website and products and provide the following line  convenience for your questions.

Our Supplier

Learn about Zulgtal Labs, our supplier for colloidal minerals.

Zulgtal Labs (Switzerland) decades of development of Superior Qualities, Home of the Ultra Colloid for increased absorption factors over mainstream mineral supplements which have rested in the hands of companies with REAL colloidal science production, testing equipment and protocols for quality control.

Zulgtal Labs (Supplier for Silver Mountain Minerals™ US marketing contracts) Is committed to superior products and market base education in the US is providing increasingly better support of the following colloidal products analysis tests. Standardized tests are the best way to ultimately enable consumers to differentiate poorly regulated predominantly poor grade colloids that “sour the market” from products that deliver concentrated ULTRA-COLLOIDAL PROPERTIES.